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Ocean EcoVentures is a marine eco tourism company that focuses on marine conservation, public outreach and education since 2003. Ocean Ecoventures also provides scientific and logistical vessel support for marine research operations. At Ocean EcoVentures we consider the whales and wildlife we encounter our extended family and the Salish Sea our shared home. There are few places in the world where one can witness creatures from the smallest marine invertebrates to some of the largest marine mammals in an afternoon. The biodiversity of Salish Sea is truly astounding and it must be preserved and protected for generations to come. On our adventures it’s easy to embrace the interconnectivity of the Salish Sea ecosystem. Our team strives to educate and inspire our guests to become ambassadors for the Salish Sea and reflect on how we can make a difference. Opening Ocean EcoVentures in Parksville B.C. in June 2021 is our company's Covid-19 pivot. We established Ocean EcoVentures in Cowichan Bay B.C. in 2003 and have been operating whale and marine wildlife tours ever since. Over the past 18 years Ocean EcoVentures has earned it's reputation as being one of leading small group marine based ecotourism operations on Vancouver Island. We solely put Cowichan Bay on the map as one of the best locations in the world to view orcas or killer whales in the wild. Tourism in Cowichan Bay and in B.C. for that matter has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. At Ocean EcoVentures we have a very large following in Europe and with our European friends not being able to visit us we've see a large downturn in visitors coming to Cowichan Bay. After researching copious amounts of whale and wildlife sightings data we decided that Parkville is the perfect new departure point for Ocean EcoVentures Whale and Wildlife Adventures. We are thrilled to explore a diverse new area of the Salish Sea with our guests and offer some different adventures than our Cowichan Bay location offers. We are currently offering daily tours out of Cowichan Bay and as of June 26th, 2021 we will be offering Whale and Wildlife Marine Adventures from French Creek Marina just 5 minutes from Parksville.

Meet Our Team

Parksville Whale Watching Adventures Captain Simon

Simon Pidcock


Simon has spent his whole life on and around the ocean. He had his first boat at the age of four and grew up in a west coast wooden boat repair yard.

Spending his younger years sailing, fishing and exploring the waters around Vancouver Island gave him a great respect for the Salish Sea.

Simon’s passion for the ocean and everything that inhabits it shows from the minute you meet him, he truly loves what he does.

Simon is also an avid wildlife photographer. He has the uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time to capture those unbelievable moments. 

Ocean EcoVentures was born out of Simon’s passion for the ocean, whales and photography.


Parksville Whale Watching Captain Tasli

Tasli Shaw


Tasli started her marine eco tourism career over 10 years ago and has been a captain with Ocean EcoVentures for the 4 years.

Tasli is also an amazing artist who draws inspiration from her time on the water with the whales and wildlife of the Salish Sea.

Tasli has spent countless hours observing the marine mammals of the Salish Sea and uses these observations in the studio to create allegorical, narrative works based on the individual stories of the creatures that call the coast home.

Tasli currently splits her time between the studio, whale watching, and contributing to marine mammal photographic identification projects.  

Parksville Whale Watching Adventures Captain Gary

Gary Sutton


Gary started driving whale watching tours part-time for Ocean Ecoventures in 2015. He has been a whale watching captain for the past eight years for a company out of Vancouver prior to joining our team as operations manager.

Known as one of the leading captains out of Vancouver we were very pleased when he made the jump to Vancouver Island and Ocean EcoVentures.

The whales, wildlife and photography of the Salish Sea are Gary’s passions. His enthusiasm is contagious while his calm and thoughtful dialog gives our guests an added understanding of wildlife conservation. Gary eats, breathes and photographs the wonderful Salish Sea that we call home.

For 2021 Gary is moving into the cetacean  research realm where he will be a huge asset to Oceanwise’s research team. Gary is hoping to be able to continue being a part time captain for Ocean Ecoventures.

Parksville Whale Watching Adventures Office Manager EJ

EJ Christiano

OfficE Manager

First and foremost E.J. is a self confessed Orcaholic, she manages to always find her way onto our whale watching boats for our 5pm tours after she finishes up work for the day.

E.J. became Ocean EcoVentures office manager in 2015 but it’s like she has been working with us from day one. She eats, lives and breathes Ocean EcoVentures!

E.J. is most likely the voice on the other end of the phone when you call with questions or to book with us. She is the smiling face that checks you in and makes sure everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Our Adventures

Daily Departures 1pm - 4 Hours

Half Day Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Encounter Orcas, Biggs Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions & Eagles

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Daily Departures June - Sept - 4 Hours

Sunset Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Sunsets, Whales and Wildlife... Need we say more?

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Private Charter - 4 Hours

Private Half Day Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Encounter Orcas, Biggs Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions & Eagles

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Private Charter 4 Hours June - Sept

Private Sunset Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Sunsets, Whales and Wildlife... Need we say more?

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Private Charter - 7-8 Hours

Full Day Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Encounter Orcas, Biggs Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Bears, Sea Lions & Eagles

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Private Charter - 7-8 Hour

Waterfalls, Whales & Wildlife Adventure

Witness the splendour of Jervis Inlet's Waterfalls. Visit Chatterbox Falls, Encounter Whales & Wildlife

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This was an absolutely incredible experience from beginning to end! The office was well organized and staff were extremely friendly from beginning to end! Our captain - Tasli - I cannot say enough good things about her. First off - it is so inspiring to see such a talented, smart and educated woman on the water in this capacity sharing her passion and extensive knowledge with the public. But most importantly - all that education, passion and knowledge is used in a way to protect what we all come to whale watching companies to see. Her respect for the wildlife is so incredible and awe inspiring. Thank you to the entire Ocean EcoVentures staff for such an incredible experience that most definitely will not be forgotten. You guys rock!!
Leah V
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