Full Day Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Parksville Full Day Whale & Wildlife Adventure

Stay Longer, Go Further, See More!

Chances to Encounter, Biggs Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Dalls Porpoise, Harbour Porpoise, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Steller and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles. Our full day adventure explores parts of the Salish Sea that most people don’t get to experience. The route for the day will be based on the most recent wildlife sighting reports and the best weather conditions. We will be searching for whale and wildlife encounters in areas where few other boats visit. Spend all day exploring the local area and wildlife! This is a great trip for people who are wildlife enthusiasts, photographers or anyone who wants to enjoy a more laid back and relaxing day on the water. There's no rush to get back to the dock, we will spend all day on the water with you, giving the most unique wildlife tour in this area. The duration of the tour is about 7-8 hours, which gives us a large range to wildlife and we can go a lot further to get to them. It also gives us a lot more time to find other unique wildlife that our coast has to offer and, furthermore, allows us to explore some of the local islands.

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8yrs - 12yrs
Wildlife Spotting

We collaborate with many different whale and wildlife spotting networks as well as researchers, ferry captains, land based spotters, float plane pilots and commercial mariners. You will often find our captains scanning for whales and wildlife from the French Creek Marina breakwater before your adventure with us.

Guaranteed Whales!

Guarantee Whale Sightings - If you do not see a whale on one of our Whale & Wildlife Adventures we invite you to come again for free. We extend a free stand-by tour to the few passengers who do not see whales on their tour. Our whale guarantee is a complimentary, non-transferable and on a stand-by basis. Our Whale Guarantee is not species specific.

Professional Guide

Ocean Ecoventures’ Captains and Naturalists are in this job for the long haul! We are not part time summer staff. This really shines through on our trips in the form of expert interpretation on the wildlife and landscapes encountered. When our passengers see whales, they get to know exactly who that whale is, their siblings, their mothers and their personalities!

Interactive Tour Map

Log in to a digital map of your adventure with us and see the route your boat traveled with pin drop locations showing where the whales and wildlife were encountered. Help your captain take data for whale and wildlife sightings on your adventure with us. Our whale and wildlife sightings database and whale I.D. images are shared with local researchers.

Had a truly wonderful memorable trip. Our guide was very knowledgable and went the extra mile to make sure we saw and experienced everything we hoped for. We were privileged to be able to track a pod of killer whales, saw a humpback whale, porpoises and sea lions close up and learned a lot about their lives and the importance of maintaining the eco system in the area. Would thoroughly recommend this company, worth every penny.
Sheila M
United Kingdom
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